By Raider Dog

The Ocean Floor is Sinking Due to Climate Change

Science Lesson of the Day:

The average depth of the ocean is about 3,682 meters (12,080 feet). Sea water weighs 64 lbs per cubic foot. So the Average weight distributed on the ocean floor is 12,080 x 64 = 773,120 lbs/sq foot of sea floor.

Now the Global Warming folks are saying that the extra weight of 3″ of Sea Water is deflecting the ocean floor. A square foot of sea water 3″ deep weighs 16 lbs. So by increasing the weight on the ocean floor by 16 lbs or by 0.00000020695% per square foot is deflecting the ocean floor…..


Conclusion: The chances are 5000 times greater that thousands of rabid Unicorns are invading Connecticut than that the sea floor is deflecting from Global Warming.