The Hubble has now seen the edge of the universe,….the farthest that light- or information – has traveled.

People are not able to imagine the beyond. Proof that we can’t exists in the very fact that we are resigned to characterize what is “beyond” as the beyond.

There can be no beyond because beyond is something- even when completely devoid of matter. By being something anything – it is then information and being information it arrived in the beyond. At what speed? At light speed but of course.

But wait. How could light (information) arrive before the light of the bleeding edge of the expanding universe?

Well it cannot. Yet we are resigned to imagine this “beyond” as empty space…..which is something…..information.

And so goes the logico circularis. I didn’t ggl that so it’s prolly wrong. No one speaks Latin anyway. Johnny Depp prolly does….or can convincingly fake it.

So at the edge of the universe, you would not see blackness of space because space has dimension, which is information and which could not have arrived there because….

Wait for it…..

There’s no there there.