This “article” is a condensed synopsis of publicly available reports on the actions and predilections of Joe Potato’s saintly son, Hunter.

On the Crackhead/Lawbreaker side of the ledger:
November 27, 2019
Strippers used sex toy on Hunter Biden at NYC’s Hustler Club: sources (

Naïve, first-time customer at the strip club:
“My friends said to ask for the ‘Hunter Biden Treatment’.”

“Okay, big boy.  Drop your pants and your drawers and bend over.”

“Is it gonna hurt?”


“Oh, yeah!”

December 17, 2019
2016 Hunter Biden Prescott Police Report | The Daily Courier | Prescott, AZ ( (Crack pipe found in rental car)
“Dad!  Have you seen my crack pipe?!”

“You didn’t leave it in the rental car, did you?”


November 7, 2022
Joe Biden’s son Hunter caught on video taking drugs with prostitute | Marca
“Dad!  Have you seen my laptop?!”

“You didn’t leave it at the computer repair shop, did you?!”


August 11, 2023
The new twist in Hunter Biden’s case is a huge political headache for his father | CNN Politics

August 24, 2023
Joe Biden Lied At Least 16 Times About His Family’s Business Schemes – United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability 

September 7, 2023
Scandals and allegations surrounding Hunter Biden | National Post

September 14, 2023
Hunter Biden: The struggles and scandals of the US president’s son (

September 26, 2023
Hunter Biden: The legal troubles of the US president’s son (

December 7, 2023 (TODAY)
Hunter Biden to be Indicted in California (

The influence peddling evidence is too voluminous to post here, but suffice to say, the various Biden “LLCs” were set up and taken down to coincide with Joe Potato’s time as VP.  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Regardless, here’s a listing of the Biden “LLCs”:
Lion Hall Group LLC; Owasco P.C.; Robinson Walker, LLC; Skaneateles, LLC; Seneca Global Advisors, LLC; Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC; Rosemont Seneca Principal Investments LLC; Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC; Hudson West III, LLC; Hudson West V, LLC; CEFC Infrastructure Investment (US)

ONE example – a UK listing for a “company” that did “business” with Crackhead Hunter:
THUNDER VALLEY ENGINEERING LIMITED overview – Find and update company information – GOV.UK (
Crackhead Hunter’s “business” received $86,000 from Thunder Valley Engineering, Limited in October 2015. When it was actually in “business,” TVE, Limited was in the UK. It incorporated in August 2015 and dissolved in January 2017. So, the crackhead received $86,000 from a “company” two months after the “company” incorporated. And this “business” only “operated” for 17 months.

On the Choirboy Side of the ledger: