By Read Thomas Sowell

Let’s start w/ good;  Shitposting is hilarious when done right.  Who hasn’t had a good laugh at people shitposting with a funny meme, or about Joe Biden’s rapid cognitive decline, or Chris Christie’s tits?  

Humor is the tie that binds.

Good shitposts get people’s attention immediately.  This is a really good tactic if you want to engage in some internet sparring, because people are much more likely to respond to posts they had an emotional response too.  

The bad; Shitposting can cross the line, which I’m sure most of us realize.  I’m definitely guilty of it from time to time.  When things get a little too personal or too mean it can be a huge turnoff, even for your allies.  Even if you have the best ideas in the world, people are a lot less likely to even consider those ideas if you’re a complete prick.

The fugly;  Memes that go on way too long and aren’t funny.  That is an unforgivable sin.  I’m not one for creating new laws, but if a law were to be passed that revoked one’s internet privileges for a year for posting horrible memes, I think it would benefit humanity instantly.

So, sit back, take your time, and come up with shitposts about this little article.  I’m looking forward to it.