We SS denizens have varied backgrounds, ages, and dreams/pursuits.  The demographics, opinions, and life experiences of regular visitors, moderators, clones, and the proprietor run the gamut.  Pensioner.  Former IRS employee/restaurateur.  Realtor(s).  Accountant.  European Femme Fatale.  Pest control entrepreneur.  Nurse.  Government “worker.”  Consultant.  If I missed anyone, I apologize.  I can’t enumerate all twelve of us. 

Without further ado, let’s address: How we SS He-Men see ourselves…. and how the SS Ladies see us.

How we He-Men see ourselves:

The Ladies’ Assessment of us He-Men.  And by “The Ladies’ Assessment of us He-Men,” I obviously mean what most of us He-Men see in the mirror.

But some semi-regular male visitors have an “aura” all their own.  I’ll leave it at that… without the pics.

And now the Ladies.
How the SS Ladies see themselves… and how we SS He-Men see them may vary, depending on the particular SS Lady.  I’ll leave it to the reader to presume which pic is “How the SS Lady views herself” and “How we SS He-Men view the SS Lady.”  It’s subject to change without notice.

Which is which?  The male view or the female view?  This author will leave it to you, our dear reader. 

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Still shot from a Wendy’s “Soviet Fashion Show” commercial in the 80s:

Christie Brinkley (previous version):

Random shot of “brave” lady on the beach:

Random shot of a European model: