In the scorching desert of Arizona, AJ lived in a world where temperatures below 60 degrees were considered the Arctic tundra. He’d don multiple layers, a hat, gloves, and a scarf just to brave what he deemed a ‘chilly’ day. The mere thought of facing 60-degree weather made him question life choices.

Every week, the fateful day arrived when AJ had to tackle his most perilous task – taking the trash bins down the driveway. His wife, a tough desert woman who embraced the heat as if it were her personal spa, worked tirelessly tending to their backyard filled with cacti and succulents. She’d mockingly prod AJ to toughen up whenever his ‘cold radar’ went off the charts.

As for Finn, AJ’s loyal but mischievous dog, he had a peculiar hobby – marking the lawn territory as if he was an art connoisseur, particularly fond of the succulents that Mom (as AJ affectionately called his wife) cared for dearly.

One fateful trash day, AJ prepared for his Arctic expedition. With a ski jacket, thermal leggings, and a beanie that belonged in an expedition catalogue, he marched towards the garbage bins. Finn, ever the curious companion, trotted alongside, tail wagging with excitement.

As AJ waged a battle against the ‘cold,’ Finn went about his routine, inspecting the lawn as if it were a masterpiece waiting to be adorned with his…artistic expressions.

But fate had a unique sense of humor that day. A rare gust of wind blew, sending chills down AJ’s spine. “60 degrees! It’s freezing!” he cried dramatically.

Meanwhile, Mom worked diligently in the backyard, unaware of the Arctic expedition unfolding in the driveway. Her laughter echoed when she saw AJ bundled up like an Eskimo in the supposed ‘cold.’

Finn, caught up in the excitement of his mission, pranced around the yard, ‘decorating’ the lawn with his signature scent, particularly targeting Mom’s beloved succulents. AJ watched in horror, attempting to dissuade Finn from transforming the yard into a doggy art gallery.

Struggling with the bins, AJ’s dramatics escalated. “I’m not sure I’ll survive this blizzard!” he exclaimed, his voice muffled under layers of scarves.

Finally, he managed to reach the end of the driveway, bins in tow. With a triumphant cheer (more for surviving the ‘cold’ than for conquering the trash), AJ hurried back indoors.

Amidst Mom’s laughter at AJ’s dramatics and Finn’s proud display of lawn decoration, the weekly trash day became a hilarious event in the household. AJ’s dramatics, Finn’s artistry, and Mom’s teasing all combined to make even the mildest Arizona day an adventure to remember.

And so, in the land of perpetual sunshine, AJ learned that surviving 60-degree ‘cold’ was indeed a heroic feat, especially when faced with trash bins, a mischievous dog, and a backyard filled with succulent canvases.