In the deep dark web, where trolls abound,
Lurked a fellow named Huggy, quite round.
His fingers typed fast, his belly quite large,
His heart, alas, the size of a charge.

At Snake Social he’d roam each day,
Not for friendship, but to sulk and sway.
He’d stalk and he’d prod, his comments a sneer,
But oh, poor Huggy, no friends came near.

His ban count soared, a daily affair,
Yet Huggy returned, with nary a care.
He’d chomp on his chips, his chair would creak,
His screen aglow with a trollish streak.

“Christmas cheer?” he’d scoff, his jolly quite small,
No mistletoe could soften his scrawl.
Instead of good will, he’d spread his dismay,
With every keystroke, pushing folks away.

Yet deep in his heart, a longing did brew,
For a friend to share in the holiday hue.
But alas, poor Huggy, his ways wouldn’t mend,
So each ban he earned, alone he’d descend.

On this festive night, let’s spare a thought,
For Huggy, who might have kindness sought.
But ’tis the tale of a troll, sadly forlorn,
Banished from joy on this Christmas morn.