By AJ Hyatt

So I live in a border state, born and raised. The daily headlines about illegals flowing over, criminals caught that didn’t get away, the money and weapons flowing back into Mexico, the illegals found dead in the trailer trucks and across our fruited plains is mind numbing. Not to mention, drugs, drugs and more drugs. 

As you know, the problems are now headed to the eastern part of the country with less than welcoming signs. The same states that didn’t acknowledge this until recently and scolded us for calling it what it is, a crisis.

In a Tuesday piece headlined, “Chaos, fury, mistakes: 600 days inside New York’s migrant crisis,” The New York Times interviewed human rights advocates and local officials on New York City’s handling of the migrant crisis. 

AJ Hyatt, noted SW border dweller and expert said that no one sadly, republican or democrat knows what the fuck to do. Some blame this on the old tripe of failed border policies, others want more money thrown at the problem and most just don’t want it in their backyard. 

Since back in May NYC has received over 70,000 migrants into the city. A small percentage that came across this year. 

For months, the mayor has told New Yorkers the migrant crisis will worsen a budget shortfall and cause suffering for both constituents and migrants. 

Adams said that New York City has already spent more than $1 billion in addressing the migrant crisis and is projected to need at least 4 more billion dollars  

New York became a sanctuary city, through an EO signed by Mayor Ed Koch in 1989, 

Mayor Adams said Tuesday that he’s baffled he can’t get a meeting with the White House to talk about the city’s burgeoning migrant crisis — even as thousands of asylum seekers arrive in the city every week. 

“The federal government said to New York City: ‘We’re not going to do our job — you do our job. You take care of 4,000 people a week, Eric, you and your team,’”

See, it is okay to use the word crisis…even though “out of control, government created, first class cluster fuck” is more appropriate