1. 1804: Napoleon Bonaparte was declared Emperor of the French by the French Senate.

2. 1927: The Bath School disaster occurred in Michigan, USA, where Andrew Kehoe detonated bombs in a school, killing 38 children and 6 adults.

3. 1944: The Allies launched the final assault on Monte Cassino in Italy during World War II, resulting in the eventual capture of the city.

4. 1953: Jackie Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier.

5. 1974: India conducted its first successful nuclear test, code-named “Smiling Buddha,” making it the sixth country to join the nuclear club.

6. 1980: Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington state, USA, causing significant destruction and loss of life.

7. 1990: The WHO removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses.

8. 1991: Somaliland declared independence from Somalia, although it remains unrecognized by the international community.

9. 2009: Sri Lankan Civil War ended after 26 years with the defeat of the Tamil Tigers by the Sri Lankan government.

10. 2018: A mass shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Texas, USA, resulting in 10 deaths and several injuries.